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DIY Cold Brew Coffee

Sunday, November 8, 2020 2:18 PM

I love coffee! ❤️☕️❤️  I have really cut back on how much I drink nowadays, but I do still enjoy it as a special treat!  I have found that for me, the best way to make my coffee is cold brew.  It’s so easy to make, keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, and is so versatile, I can’t imagine making it any other way anymore!  Also, when you utilize the cold brew process, your coffee is smoother, less bitter, and less acidic! ❤️  I make up a big batch, and keep it in the fridge for whenever we want a coffee beverage.  This recipe makes a concentrated coffee, which is perfect for pouring over ice or blending into a frozen latte, or simply heat it up for a hot beverage!

Depending on how strong you want your concentrate, you can use anywhere from a 2:1 ratio to a 4:1 ratio. 

For this recipe, we’ll use a 4:1 ratio

You’ll need:

glass jar or pitcher with lid

Strainer or cheesecloth

fresh ground coffee

Clean filtered, room temperature water

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

1. Place 1 cup freshly ground coffee in a 1 qt mason jar, and top off with cool, clean water

2. Stir, and cover with lid

3. Let sit on counter for 8-12 hours or overnight

4. Pour through a strainer into a clean jar.  Rinse first jar and pour through strainer a second time.

5. Store in refridgerator for up to two weeks, although for best flavor use within one week.

6. Mix with milk, cream, sweetener, water, etc and pour over ice for cold beverages, or heat gently for hot beverages.

This Cold Brew Coffee would be great in a Pumpkin Spice Latte!


Hope you like this coffee recipe a latte! 

😍 Jen

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