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Jenny's Honey Lip Balm

Friday, September 6, 2013 7:47 PM

This is a great lip balm, and once you have the various ingredients, it’s really, very easy to make!  

The first step, of course, is to gather your ingredients. Each ingredient in this recipe I chose for it’s wonderful properties and benefits.

 We’ll start with Coconut Oil.  I used extra virgin, so it melts at about 76℉, if you use a different kind you’ll have to compensate with less beeswax.  Coconut oil has many benefits and I use it for almost everything, plus it smells soooooo nice!  

Jojoba oil is very moisturizing and easily absorbed. 

Castor oil makes a really nice silky smooth lip balm, and also absorbs easily into your skin.  

Honey is probably my favorite ingredient, because it offers such fabulous healing properties, and also adds a hint of sweetness to the lip balm.  

Lanolin, of course is famous for healing chapped, dry skin, and it also works as an emulsifier for the honey, which would sink to the bottom otherwise.  

Beeswax, of course, just holds it altogether.  

Essential oils, if you choose to add them, have all kinds of great benefits of their own, but I add them mostly to add scent and flavor to my lip balms.

You will also need some containers to put the finished product in.  I get mine as well as several of the ingredients from Amazon, and Mountain Rose Herbs also has many, if not all, of the ingredients.

So, without further ado, here is my recipe~

Jenny’s Honey Lip Balm

~Makes about 10  10ml jars or lip balm~

35 g.     coconut oil

5 g.         jojoba oil

25 g.        beeswax

7 g.         lanolin

20 g.       castor oil

10 g.      Honey

1 - 1.5 ml. essential oil, optional

*Everything is measured by weight except the essential oil, 

which I measure with a dropper.

Combine oils, lanolin & beeswax in a double boiler & heat, stirring constantly, just until the beeswax is completely melted.  

Remove from heat and add honey & essential oils and mix well.  I stir with butter knife because it’s easy to scrape off the part that cools and hardens on the knife.  It’s a lot harder to do that with a spoon!  ;)

When everything is thoroughly mixed, pour into your lip balm containers & you’re done!  They are ready to use as soon as they have hardened.  :)



•  I don’t use a “real” double boiler for this, I just fashion my own with a small pot or glass measuring cup inside a bigger pot and water in between them.

•  If you are going to use “chapstick” containers, you need to wait until the mixture is a bit cooler before you pour it in, or it will warp the container and cause it to leak out the bottom.  I usually pour a little bit in, just to coat and seal the bottom, then after it has cooled I add the rest.

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