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Jenny's Honey Molasses Whole Wheat Bread

Friday, August 23, 2013 4:49 PM

This is one of our favorite sandwich breads.  It’s moist and fluffy, and sooooooo yummy fresh out of the oven!

Hope you enjoy it too!

Jenny's Honey Molasses Whole Wheat Bread

2 Loaves~

1 ½  cups milk                                            ¾ cup boiling water

2 T. SAF instant yeast 

7-8 c.**  fresh whole wheat flour (grind about 5 ½  cups wheat)

1/3 cup olive oil                                           5/8 cup honey

4 tsp. Molasses                                            2 eggs

2 tsp. salt (lightly rounded)    

3 Loaves~

2 1/4 cups milk                                            1 cup boiling water

3 T. SAF instant yeast 

10-11 c.**  fresh whole wheat flour (grind about 8 cups wheat)

1/2 cup olive oil                                            ⅞  cup honey

 2 T. Molasses                                                3 eggs

1 T. salt (lightly rounded)

Combine the milk and boiling water, and mix so that it is equally warm - water should feel just pleasantly warm to your finger.  Add yeast and let sit for five minutes, to "proof" the yeast.  (Grind the flour while the yeast is proofing.  Measure your honey in the oil for ease of pouring.)  Add honey, oil, molasses, eggs, and 2 cups of the whole wheat flour in a large mixing bowl. Mix until everything is combined. Add additional flour one cup at a time, just until the dough begins to clean the sides of the mixing bowl*. (When it begins to get closer, maybe add just a half cup or less at a time.  Too much flour makes for heavier bread.)

not yet...


In a large mixer, knead on speed #1 for 4 minutes, then add salt and knead for 2 more minutes.

Cover mixing bowl with a damp towel and let rise in a warm place until doubled in size (about (25-30 min).

Place back on mixer and smash dough back down.

Form the dough into 2 or 3 loaves, and place in pre-greased loaf pans. Allow to rise in a slightly warmed oven or other warm place until doubled in size (about 30- 60 minutes). 

Bake loaves for 25-30 minutes in a 350°F oven (Oven temperatures vary).

    *HIGH ALTITUDE- bake 25-30 minutes @ 375°

When done, remove loaves from pans and place on cooling racks with a towel over them.  This helps them to retain their moisture while cooling.



**The flour measurements are really just a guideline.  You’re really looking for that point when the dough begins to pull away and clean the sides of the bowl.

Flour-  This recipe is written for  fresh ground hard white wheat or hard red wheat flour.  You can use pre-ground whole wheat flour if you don’t have a grain mill, but just remember to use less.  Fresh ground flour is a lot “fluffier”, so it takes quite a bit more to achieve the same result.   Feel free to substitute different flours for 1 cup of flour in the recipe.  The last time I made this I used 1 cup of corn flour, just to change it up a bit.  You could also use rice, barley, oat, or spelt flour, etc.

Liquid-  This recipe calls for milk & water.  Milk makes a really nice, moist bread.  You can use all water, and the recipe will still be great, or you can use all milk.  Whey is another great liquid for bread, if you happen to have it on hand.

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