Little Farm in the Big Woods

sweet, quiet days

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 1:20 PM

Well howdy there!  Things have been pretty busy around here for the last several months, but they’re quieting down now, in preparation for spring.  Now that the Christmas season is over we’ve really gotten into a good routine with our homeschool (finally!), but of course the kids are super anxious for Easter and then summer vacation.  Well… not only the kids!  Meanwhile, outside our daffodils are beginning to bloom, and there are little green sprouts all over the ground under the light dusting of snow we got yesterday.  Spring is definitely right around the corner!

We are down to two goats now, just Sadie and Rosemary, both Nubian does.  And after a crazy several months, I think we finally got them both bred.  I never thought breeding goats could be so difficult!  We were really hoping to confirm their pregnancies with ultrasounds, but we just can’t seem to get an appointment for that, so we’re just praying like crazy that they really are pregnant.  We’ve started drying off our milking goat, Rosemary, so she can give everything to her babies.  Both Sadie and Rosemary are due in May, and I am so looking forward to those sweet little Nubian faces and ridiculously long ears, not to mention a fresh supply of yummy milk!  

Our four turkeys are all grown up now, and one of our three hens has begun to lay eggs.  Our tom (male turkey) Squanto spends his days all fluffed up, strutting around, and showing off for the ladies.  He is hilarious to watch - he is so macho.

Our chickens are keeping busy scratching around the yard, but we’re not getting the number of eggs we should be. I don’t know if they're just not laying, or if they’ve found some other place to lay their eggs that we’re not finding! We decided to keep them locked in the coop for a week to see how many eggs we’re really getting, and also retrain everybody as to where the eggs are supposed to be laid.  Thankfully we have a good sized coop, and they seem to be pretty happy in there.  

We’re really hoping that some of our hens, both chicken and turkey, will go broody within the next few months, and we can hatch some chicks and poults. We hatched some chicks back in September, and it was an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to try it again!

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