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Rustic Christmas Tree Ornament

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 6:12 AM

This is a really fun and easy little ornament that you can make to hang on your tree.  It takes just a couple of minutes, and frankly, is one of my favorite ornaments on my tree!  I just love the simplicity of it.   

What you need:


(any kind of 100% cotton fabric will do)

Styrofoam balls

Ribbon and/or twine

hot glue gun or craft glue


First you want to start by tearing the fabric into strips about 1 inch wide.  I make tiny cuts in the fabric at the selvage first to get the tear started, and then just tear away!  After I tear the fabric I like to stretch it from end to end.  That makes the edges curl up a little bit and make it look more rustic.  Once your fabric is torn and stretched, its time for the glue!  (When I stretched the fabric it took one 44” strip to cover the whole 2.5” ball)  Place a dot of glue on your styrofoam ball and stick one end of the fabric strip to it.  Then just wrap the fabric around and around until the whole ball is covered.  I put a dot of glue at the top every time I go around to hold it all secure.  Make sure you pull the fabric tight and stretch it a bit while you go.

 This is what it looks like if you don’t stretch the fabric tight.

When you’re done wrapping the fabric, glue on a loop of twine, yarn, or ribbon, and a bow.

Then hang it on the tree!

Obviously, depending on the fabric and ribbon you choose, you can end up with a wide variety of styles.  You could also cut the fabric for a cleaner look, or use pinking shears....   This would be an easy craft to make with your kids too.  :)

May God bless you tremendously this Christmas, and don’t forget about the wonderful gift that he gave us!

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