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Our milking parlor

Friday, December 13, 2013 6:58 AM

A couple of months ago I wrote that we were expecting goat babies any time.  We were so excited for those little bundles, not to mention the milk that we’ve been desperately waiting for! 

Well, we waited, and waited...., and waited.  We kind of suspected something might be up, because our goat Jessie, looks pretty much exactly the same as when we bought her.  She was supposed to be two months pregnant then.  Her due date came and went, but we knew that the man we bought her from didn’t pay very close attention to when things really happened, so the due date might be off... 

Well, it is now 8 weeks past her “due-date”...  so it looks like she wasn’t pregnant after all.  Boohoo!  After doing a lot of research, I found that if it gets to hot within the first five weeks of the pregnancy, the doe will likely lose the babies and reabsorb them, and no one would ever know that anything even happened.  Well, counting backwards from her due-date, the forth week of her pregnancy was HOT! I mean record breaking heat!  So, we figure she had already lost the babies when we bought her, and nobody even knew it.   Unfortunately, we only have two goats right now, which is the bare minimum for happy goats, so we can’t even send her off to be bred, until Frosty has her babies, because then Frosty would be alone and miserable.  So for the meantime, we’re just praying, and waiting on God to see what his plans are.

Since we were expecting babies and milk, and cold weather (we’ve got that anyway!), we built a milking parlor, so I wouldn’t have to stand outside and milk in the rain & snow.  Even though we don’t have milk to worry about yet, it is a nice place to feed and care for the goats, as well as dry storage for all of our feed and supplies.

Thankfully, Frosty is due in about 2 1/2 weeks so, hopefully soon, there will be milking in our Milking Parlor!

Don’t let us down, Frosty!

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