Come on in, get yourself a cup of tea, and get cozy in front of the fire.  Join us in our everyday life on our little farm. 

Here on our little farm we’re passionate about “getting back to our roots”.  I have an obsession with making as many things from scratch as I possibly can, and trying to eliminate all the icky chemicals and processed foods from our bodies.  Except for Cheetos.  I can’t live without Cheetos.  I know they’re bad, but what can I say...

I’ll be posting things on all different subjects, from whole foods recipes, to how to milk a goat, or how to make your own soap or herbal remedies. 

I pray that God will use my site to bless, inspire and encourage others to enjoy the beauty and wonder of His creation.  I hope to encourage other women to be obedient wives, good mothers, and keepers of their homes.  Every day is an adventure, it’s not always peaches and cream, but if you learn something, then everyday is a success.  I pray that God will never stop teaching me, and that I can pass on some of what I have learned to you.

Around here it’s about the journey, not the destination.

See you around, Jen


We’re a family with a little backyard homestead in the mountains.  We love Jesus, and try to glorify Him in everything we do. We hope that our daily life will make you smile.  Maybe even encourage and inspire you.
Welcome to our farm
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